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This looks interesting

When there is no fox TwT

Id like to see where this game goes in the future, I also got a Vr and would love to try it out in Vr when its available but until then,  The work you've put in so far is looking very good! 

is there a protogen species

For whatever reason, the download gives me the "Failed - Forbidden" error after a few minutes into the download.

Looks like a minecraft, as building.

Objectively, this is a better fursona/reference maker than some of the other ones released on this site.  Bravo.

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This looks pretty cool! I'm mainly looking to use this for a VRChat avatar, but this looks like a fun hangout program in and of itself. I'm curious though: can I also use this to make avatars for NeosVR? I think I'd use Neos more than VRC.

This is a cool game! Can't wait until multiplayer is out!

Wait, is this for adult?


nope! all ages


I can't get it to install through the itchio launcher.

I will have a look at this!

Thanks! I really want to try it out, even if I only end up using it to make an avatar for VRChat.

Telling me not to vandalize cacti in real life... *grabs cricket bat* You're not my mom!

I like this game so far :3

my laptop caught on fire lol

How do you open inv?

Yea I had the same problem where tab just doesn't do anything. Rebinding it doesn't seem to help either

It's intentionally disabled for now - It'll be opened up again in the next update


looks pretty good so far. i never got far it was to dark and the lanteren didn't seem to work for me. the characters crator is pretty neat it's not perfect by any means but its neat to have all the same. i did find a werd bug where the paint tool paints stuff thats behind what your paint. like i wastrying to piant a arm tattoo and it ended up on my tail and wings as well.

can i play with friends in this build yet?

not yet. but it's coming. soon

Will there be preset options for different horn styles on say the goat or the dragon?

eventually! once i get back into the swing of things adding custom horn placement is near the top of the list

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Hiya, Alligator! I ran into a problem with my version of the game. The first time I played it, I was able to make my character, but when I tried to get into the map, my entire computer froze up, therefore causing me to restart my computer. When I opened Burrow after I logged back in, I wasn't able to choose anything to continue into the game. I keep getting stuck on the "Who Are You?" part of the game. There's nothing to select and therefore I cannot play the game. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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Alright. I sent you an invite to chat with you on Hangouts. I'll try to send you the file there.

Also, if you need it, I have a screenshot of what happened.

I get this weird glitch where I fall out of the map at the start?

I have never seen this before, thanks for letting me know about it!
If you go to C:\Users\(your name)\AppData\LocalLow\Alligator Ventures\Burrow is there a file called player.log?

Can't find player.log. There is output_log though if this is relevant.

that's the one... if it's not too much trouble could you send it to

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Hello again. I see your game got a bunch of update today. However, the same glitch is persisting on my game. I was wondering if this thing will be able to be fixed 'cause your game looks cool and I wanna give it a try. Should I send you the log again?

It should be fixed now, try the latest version!

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