Implementation of the chess variant Congo. I was disappointed to see that there was no good place where you could play this game online, so I did what developers do and built it. You can play against a variety of AIs.

Beat the tiger and show me a video of you doing it to win a special prize 👀
Make sure that move log is open!!


How do I play?
- Click on the piece you want to move and click again move it. Read here for how pieces move. Your objective is to capture the opposing tiger.

You changed some of the piece names???
- Yeah I did, get over it, why would you have pawns when lizards exist??

You should be working on Burrow right now
- Yes!!! Yes, yes I should, but after 8 months of doing javascript for big corporations so I have an income again I deserve a little a game, as a treat. (I will be starting hard work on Burrow soon!!!!!)

This game sucks, I'd rather be playing chess
- I actually think it's pretty cool :)

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