This is my submission for OpenJam 2020. And my first foray into Godot. It's a wonderful engine.


Left and Right Arrow Keys to move.

B to Boost (this is the key to winning).

N and M trigger items (which you can buy at the snow shop, use Down Arrow to purchase)

Source code for the game is below, though it's in a state of disarray right now (Last minute bugfixes, anyone?). I will try to clean it up before the year is out.

The graphics are sourced from, except for the dino sprites, which were released for free from @ScissorMarks. I did everything else.

This is the final installment in a (kind of) trilogy of game jam games I've made over the past year, which share a lot of common themes:

I left a few easter eggs in the game as well. So look out for those. Heh.

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AuthorAlligator Ventures
TagsDinosaurs, snowboard


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This Game plays really smoothly!  Great job...  I love the theming adaptation, and the game is fairly difficult  (on second play-through)

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Nice one ;)

But, it's quite hard to gain speed, I must have missed something.

Just a little bug when re-entering the first zone:

Thank you so much for finding this bug, I was able to fix it before the deadline!
The key to winning is to use boost carefully, which I did not do a good job of explaining, ha

Well done