WASD + Mouse

Hi Recruit! Welcome to Tangram and Conquer, the hottest new strategy game to hit your browser. We've prepared a short presentation to get you acclimated with the geometry... er, geography, of the battlefield.

Move thyself with the sacred keys, WASD.

I don't know what these poor trees did to you, but by smashing that m1 button and standing close enough you can really show them how you feel.

Wow! Those trees sure did drop some shapes.
You see that book in the top right corner of the screen? Why don't you open it and read. You can read, right? Anyway, DrAG aNd DrOp them tangrams onto the silhouettes and you can literally become god and create life. Don't forget to rotate shapes with the A and D button, but you already saw that in the picture, didn't you?

Did you know that Unity C# does not support priority queues? Anyway, your goal is to destroy the tower that's not wearing the same clothes you are. Err, that's not painted the same color you are. Or something like that.
You can tell it's the _special_ tower because it's fancy. You can try to beat it with your bare hands, but this isn't the stone age, there's probably a recipe in your book that can help you, maybe

Anyway this concludes this brief presentation and also incidentally my game jamming career. I'd like to thank DarkDragonLedas for testing the s&$* out of the game and also doing a bunch of legwork on the menus. Also mattmc95 for providing all the art assets a developer could ever want, and more. The delightful music was written by Python Blue. We got some dank algorithms from NukeyFox (foxes? dragons? pythons?), and some emotional support from JomoOval and Articus. And we can't forget about the cute beaver from Krondure.

Tune in next week as I rip out the internals of this game and also rip out all my hair due to all the programming decisions I made over the past 4 3 ams (storing state in the name of the GameObject? using a color object as a comparator? Tuple<> abuse that would put the elderly to shame? are you serious? what were you thinking?) And fix allllllll the assets that I didn't get to add because they ended up on the cutting room floor and there are a LOT. I'm glad this game knows what it wants to be though. that makes one of us. anyway, bye


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im not sure the enemy tower is taking damage?